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So you've made it to the lessons.

Now what?

You are about to learn pretty unorthodox and even wild growth startegies.

All of them are based on a personal framework I've developed after helping dozens of web3 projects.

Those who used this framework, absolutely transformed their TVL.

You'll see why in each lesson: 

Especially when we get to the token, community and customer growth hacks.

You'll also learn acquisition tactics, how to boost your social presence, the "magic triangle" strategy, a growth checklist, and lots more.

Here’s some context before we start:

I’ve been in the growth game for more than a decade with 40+ launches online.

Yet when I came into crypto, some people thought none of that would work.

To be fair, I barely knew the difference between PoW and PoS.


Two months after starting, I am landing this gig that took a crypto company from Zero to 800 million in TVL.

We started from scratch:

No customers.


No followers on Twitter.

From there, I could actually see and prove in hot action what works (and what doesn’t) to drive insane amounts of growth (and do it from scratch).

How did I do it?

Go to Lesson #1 to find out:

Would you like to put your growth worries on my shoulders and get explosive TVL growth in return?

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