Lesson #1: I was utterly ashamed… 
(TVL killer story)

My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

What the f* was going on?

Our twitter growth had stopped on its tracks with no apparent reason at all.

I was desperately scrolling through the last tweets, just to find no comments, too.

What’s even worse, Discord and Telegram engagement went down at the same time.

It was clear the whole “we have the best tech” angle wasn’t working out.

Which meant our launch could be at serious risk.

You see.

My first gig- the one that took this company from Zero to Hero (aka 800 million)- had a messy start.

In fact, I’d almost screwed it all up.

That’s why you need to know these mistakes before we get into the actual launching and TVL growth steps I’ll show you in the next lesson.

The first mistake everybody makes?

Not understanding your customer.

This is soooo basic, but everybody seems to screw this up.

You know what I found?

Different crypto users want to hear different things.

For example:

A guy who collects NFTs and stakes is so much different compared to a guy who apes into every Degen opportunity you could find.

There’s maxis and chain agnostics.

There’s HODLers and traders.

There’s FOMO and FUD.

When we launched on multiple ecosystems, I quickly realized how important this was.

In fact:

We had exactly the same functionality, yet we had to adjust the message each time.


All depended on the ecosystem type.

For example:

Smaller ecosystems are usually tribal.

That’s why we’d leverage this and inject bullish ecosystem content to speed up our twitter account growth.

Plus, talking about how your protocol will help the ecosystem explode also helps.

A good example is Hedera.

It’s really small, and its users are hardcore fans.

On the flip side, ecosystems like Fantom or Solana get more mercenary DeFi users who care most about their gains…

So your promise should be different.

And if you are building a blockchain yourself, the first thing you need is to grow a hardcore tribe.

This will drive your token value and also get you more devs.

I am getting ahead of myself…

We’ll talk about how to push your token price in a couple of days.


Before going multi-chain, we first launched on a mid-sized ecosystem.

It had some DeFi, a bunch of protocols, etc.

There was a strong tribe so we told stories, explained how the protocol would benefit the ecosystem and why it was a no-brainer using it.

We also used the 4-step launch plan I’ll explain you in detail in the next lessons.

Long story short:

The launch went extremely well.

So our next move was to launch on multiple chains… at the same time.

And this is where the headache kicked in.

I remember this one saturated ecosystem giving me a heck of a trouble.

When I looked at it, the first thing I noticed was that users had already been exposed to similar protocols.

In fact:

These protocols already had integrations, and we didn’t.

They had lots of TVL and we had zero.

They had thousands of followers and we had none.

User exposure to other offers was off the charts.

That’s why we needed to get really creative to steal their TVL.

If we said the same things all those guys before us did, we’d never get a single soul to join.

That’s why I came up with this special strategy.

You see, when competition is tough, there’s certain things you can do to overcome it.

And if you use these things when there’s even less competition, you’ll absolutely kill it.

The basic thing is not promising the same or better results as the other guys.

Here’s why:

If you are not the first, users already heard all kinds of crazy promises.

So if you step in and offer even more, nobody will bite the hook.

That’s why the solution is to focus on why you deliver what you deliver…

And how you do it in a way nobody else does.

In other words:

Explain your mechanism…

Your secret sauce.

This will make the other guys look completely outdated.

I’ll tell you all the juicy details about how to do it in the next lesson.

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