Lesson #2:

Three essential things to boost your TVL

Can you tell me what needs to be done in just 5 minutes?

What are those things I need to get some serious TVL?

The conversation was turning tactical.

And I loved the challenge.

Of course- I replied.

All comes down to 3 simple things.

Assuming you have a strong offer and know some customer hacks…

(which I explained in yesterday’s message)

You can boost your TVL right now with the following methods:

WAY #1: Qualified Traffic.

Getting traffic means adding more qualified users coming to hang with you.

It can be organic (social), or paid (ads).

The easiest way is to grow your social presence so everybody talks about you.

This involves working with influencers, making sure there’s a content schedule, doing AMAs, etc.

WAY #2. Joint Venture agreements (or JVs for short).

A.k.a. integrations, dual rewards, cross promos, etc.

In other words, add more value and make other crypto solutions promote you.

This is something you should be doing anyway.

Problem with this, it’s not that scalable.

WAY #3. The most powerful way: a carefully crafted acquisition funnel.

A funnel will be tied to your goals.

We’ll talk about it in the next lessons.

Today, we’ll break down the first option:

Your social presence.

Do you know the easiest way to make people follow you?

Be constantly present in their minds with a simple, yet a powerful message.

That’s why when it comes to your own socials, you need to make sure you’re saying the right words…

And with the right frequency.

The rule is simple:

“One post a day takes the work away”.


You can easily do one post per day.

And…. No.

It’s not too much (actually it’s the minimum)

Quick hack:

I’ve found tweet storms absolutely beat single tweets in performance.

Now, before you say anything…

For some people, the two last things sound somewhat controversial.

So hear me out.

I’ve told this to a bunch of projects at this point.

And the result was always the same:

An instant social boost.

In fact:

Check by yourself and you’ll quickly discover how threads outperform single tweets by up to 10x.

My personal rule is to push the team to produce epic content on a daily basis.

So what should this team look like?

I found a 3-people formula of a researcher, a copywriter and a designer work the best.

Once you have them organized in a certain way, all you need is a simple spreadsheet to keep track of things.

It also found planning daily pieces of content one week in advance to be the most convenient.

The themes from the plan are sent to the researcher, and then go through the copywriter.

The designer is optional and will add the last spin.

Next hack:

After analyzing hundreds of content pieces, I also found the perfect content formula:

The best content is useful, detailed, emotional and unique.

Hit me up using the link down below if you want full details and how to put everything together…

Or enjoy the short version:

Instead of hype and chest pounding rar-rar (which helps your ego, but doesn't help your user)...

Talk about the solutions you bring through education based marketing.

You see, most projects actually only talk about how cool they are.

That’s a big mistake.

Here’s what smart folks actually talk about:

- The missteps users make and how you help solve it…

- How to recognize false promises…

- How to do things the wrong/ right way and why…

And if you want to get really smart, add dirty little hacks and secrets, too.

Also, injecting storytelling is the ultimate way to engage… especially if you don’t have much functionality available yet.

Get your team track the content that works for you and the time zone your followers are most active at.

Meanwhile, understand the following:

After a strong initial boost, your social growth may stop correlating to your TVL.

In other words:

New followers won’t actually mean new wallets in the ecosystem, NFTs sold, commissions made, etc.

That’s because once you reach certain market awareness, things start to stagnate.

I’ll tell you how to solve this in the next lesson:

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