Lesson #3: 

How you can become the “King of The Hill”

I’ll always remember that cold winter day.

I was about 9 years of age and we were playing “King of The Hill”.

The goal was to stay on top of a large hill and there were children of different ages fighting for that privilege.

The sides were covered with snow, so the task wasn't easy at all.

I remember that feeling of triumph when I managed to climb and keep highground after pushing a bigger kid to roll off.

It was such a satisfaction to become the King!

The bigger guys would slip down while I managed to stay and watch them climb against me over and over.

Yet I had the power to send them down every time they tried.

Something very similar happens when you get enough integrations.

And that’s why it’s the second of the 3 easiest ways to hack into bigger TVL.

The only caveat?

Integrations can be pretty tricky.

You see, making an integration happen is not only about getting devs from both parties write a smart contract and add some nice UI.

That’s superficial.

Announcing the integration with a quick post on Twitter is not the smartest way either.

Every integration’s objective should always be driving more TVL.

For example:

If you are giving some tokens and offering dual rewards, make sure they are designed in a way attractive to all kinds of users (whales and retail).

If it’s a cross-promo where you give some benefits like discounts, NFTs, etc…

Then make sure it’s something nobody will be able to refuse.

Here’s where it gets really interesting.

Once you design an integration or some partnership with TVL in mind…

You’ll realize the way you communicate it will make a huge difference in the result.

(A.K.A. more or less TVL coming your way)

Here’s why:

Way too many folks make the mistake of getting an integration and not talking about it enough.

I found announcing you are going to do it before it actually happens, is the best way to start.

Next, I build case around it.

- What are the benefits?

- What’s the backstory?

- What case studies can you present in advance? (even if you don’t have the overall details)

Next is where the integration actually happens.

If it’s something around DeFi, then usually the initial APR will be off the charts.

This means you should treat it as a whole event.

Early emails, tweets and TG messages should be sent before that.

You can even add a countdown and get the most people join early to grab those extra rewards.

When the initial hype goes down, I usually add case studies on top.

In this case, I found step-by-step tweets with screenshots help a lot.

They pretty much become viral and usually do really well in terms of engagement.

Talking about how this new integration contributes to the bigger vision you have can make big difference, too.

In other words:

Add storytelling on top.

All of this goes into your content schedule, of course.

There’s a cool system I have I can show you to get everything organized.

I am leaving a link in case you need some help with that at the end of this lesson.


There’s even more you can do.

You see, you can also use the other party for your advantage.

Like doing an AMA on their channel.

Asking them to promote your tweets.

And since you’ve got this relationship…

Make them add calls to action to a special page where you show people how to benefit from the integration.

On that page, you can capture the user details with a form, so you control the audience.

Once you’re rolling, you can have special one-time promos for certain users who join the party.

You can give rewards, badges, mention winners from your channel, etc.

That’s how a simple integration actually becomes a carefully crafted TVL boosting campaign.

Of course these are some basic things and there’s a lot more to it.

Yet if you do them, you can expect a much better result compared to all the other folks.

And if you want to take it to the next level, then the lesson's hack will be a perfect complement to this.

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