Lesson #4: 

The Magic Triangle

I remember the exact moment I discovered this.

I knew that very second it would be a game-changer.

And it did.

That’s why I called it “the magic triangle”.

A quick backstory so you understand the context:

It was a sunny summer afternoon when I went to check the numbers of this crypto project.

I looked at the screen and smiled:

There was already a substantial TVL.

The twitter account was growing, too.

(It was about 20k followers at that point, but soon it would reach 70k)

We were tweeting every single day, of course.

(Assuming you took my other day’s advice, I believe you understand why you should, too).

So I am looking at the numbers and in my head, I am like:

“How can I get more TVL, and boost the account’s growth at the same time?”

A little bit more context so you understand why I was thinking this:

We already were doing specific things to make it happen.

Adding calls to action to each thread was one of the biggest things.

Here’s why:

At the end of the day, it’s YOU who should be controlling your own audience, not Twitter.

In other words…

If folks stay on Twitter, it doesn’t mean those followers will bring more TVL.

So in my head I was trying to automate the whole TVL growth process.

At first, I added links with calls to action so users would go to the actual protocol.

Makes sense on paper, does it?

Like you know…

“Now that you read this awesome post, here’s the link to the dApp. Go and use it”.

Sometimes it worked.

But mostly it didn't.

For example:

Let’s say you don’t have a working dApp.

Maybe you’re building an ecosystem.

Maybe it’s a DAO.

Or let’s say you haven’t yet launched.

Or maybe you don’t want your followers actually go to a specific page… yet.

In any case, you got their attention with each post.

Your socials are growing…

So what should you actually do?

Here’s where it actually hit me.

I looked at the screen and quickly grabbed a pen.

My hand started drawing:

“If we’re getting all this attention…

But taking people to the dApp doesn’t bring automated result…

The we should take them to a place we control and convince them to use it”

That’s why starting that day, each post we did took our followers to the email list.

And the magic started to happen!

Here’s why:

If you think the crypto crowd doesn’t open emails…

Think again.

At this point, I’ve been measuring email performance on a dozen crypto projects.

And ALL of them beat Twitter, Discord and Telegram all together.

I kid you not.

All of the crypto founders I told about this were hesitant…

And every single one was absolutely impressed when they added email marketing to their game.

So by controlling your audience, you can also control your TVL growth.

Even bigger news?

Since email is so effective, I found how to hack Twitter growth, too.

Here’s what I did:

Every time the team would publish a post, we’d also send an email about it.


If you just tweeted and there’s a bunch of folks retweeting…

Then Twitter will give your post an organic boost to reach even more people.

So let’s say you have an interesting tweet storm coming out.

Now you can mail it and have your own audience boost your Twitter.

This will bring more followers…

More email subscribers…

And more TVL, too.

Same thing with Telegram.

Every time you tweet, make sure to pin it in your group.

See why I call this my magic triangle?

Here’s the most important part:

Email will also allow you control every time you launch or have specific events.

You can start prepping your subscribers way before it happens.

Send them important tweets you want them to read…

Or even use email to send FAQs, kill objections, etc.

You can send news, riddles, games, promos and so much more.

The best part?

Your engagement rates will be be sky high if you do it the right way.

Something impossible to achieve on Twitter or any other social media.


The crypto crowd DOES open emails.

So use it to your advantage now.

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