Lesson #5: 
Do this ONE thing, and you’ll get a TVL game changer

The wait was becoming tense.

I looked at the queue and there were still several people ahead.

After 1 hour of standing, it was finally my turn.

The postal worker took out a box with my name and invited me to open.

Inside, there was a plastic funnel.


I had lost my whole morning in the mail office… because of this!!

There’s a secret moral to this story:

A customer acquisition funnel can transform your project for good.

Such impressive results a good funnel can bring, that a project I had the pleasure helping sent me a box with a plastic funnel as a joke…

For some weird reason, the box had stuck at the mail office, so I had to personally open it there.

I’ll never forget that clerk’s face…

This dude was even more in shock than I.


What’s a funnel and why do you need one?

A funnel is a system that gives you predictable growth.

You see, you can’t actually measure numbers until you have a funnel.

For example:

All those followers on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and Discord are cool.

But there’s no way you can correlate it to TVL.

For instance, you can’t say “every time I get 1000 new followers, I also get so much more TVL”.

What’s worse, once you reach a certain level, you’ll face the law of diminishing returns.

Same thing with integrations:

Every new integration you add is not really measurable in terms of TVL.

And the biggest issue of all:

Most of the users you want to target are probably not in your Twitter circles.

In other words, there’s no predictable way to project and measure your growth…

Until you get a funnel.

So what does it actually do?

In essence, it’s a system that allows you to take users who barely know you…

And convert them into customers falling in love with your stuff.

For example:

Let’s say you are into buying a car.

First, you’ll want to choose a shape (a coupe, SUV, sedan, etc.).

Then, you’ll probably start considering a brand.

Then you might ask for a test drive.

And only then you’d buy.

Exactly the same thing happens with your users.

Some don’t know who you are but are looking for a solution.

Others kinda know what you do, but are still on the fence.

And others already engaged with you and it was love at first sight.

(Or maybe not, but they are ready to re-engage).

A funnel helps you automate this process.

A typical example is the following:

Imagine a page, where you invite the users to join your content.

Usually it's NOT your main page where they can interact with your stuff.

(If you just met, they are not ready for the kiss before the actual date).

That’s why typically a funnel starts with an opt-in page where you offer something of value.

From there, the ascension starts.

You may tell them who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

Explain why you’re different…

What solution you have…

And only then invite them to join.

The beauty of this is that you can MEASURE everything along the way.

For example:

You can know in advance how many users joined.

How many open your messages.

And how many actually interact with you.

A.K.A. you’ve dated first, and now it’s time for the kiss.

That’s why it’s sooooo darn important.

A good funnel separates boys from the men.

So how does a crypto funnel look?

It depends.

If it’s a funnel to get devs into an ecosystem, it might have some kind of a bribe and valuable lessons explaining the code.

It presents the opportunity…

And then helps the devs land projects.

If it’s a DAO, it might look like a page with some valuable info…

Taking the users down the rabbit hole.

If it’s an NFT project, it may actually look like a story making the user interact.

My last funnel was for a dApp.

It looked like a quiz that helped segment the users into categories.

And then, it presented different content according to their needs.

The point is, a funnel can have a million shapes.

And it will always depend on your needs.

That’s why it’s so important to have absolute clarity which form you want to choose.

Yet once done, everything changes for good.

I’ve been building funnels in the last 10 years.

Done this in 2 languages across 7 different industries.

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