Lesson #7: 

Your 4-step launch plan (controversial)


Strong language ahead.

Don’t read if you’re under 18.

Time to give you a simple crypto launch plan.

This plan is what took this company from Zero to Hero (aka 800 million).

Also, it will help you boost your TVL growth even if you’ve already launched.

The way I look at it is basically a 4 step system:

- Main Prelaunch: when you get things rolling and talk about the problems you solve and how painful they are (but not the solution).

- Launch content: this is the hardcore content you do just before opening the doors (you kill objections, present your stuff, create buzz, etc).

- Open cart: I call it like that not because you actually have a “cart”, but because you’re open. Here’s where the crazy buzz reaches its peak.

- Post launch content: here you talk about the mission, reveal the further roadmap, keep working on the community, etc.

Sounds simple?

It is.

Yet the devil is in the details.

Pay very close attention to what I am gonna say here:

Growing your TVL does not mean you should be talking about your solution all the time.

This is controversial.


Once you understand it, you’ll have a huge advantage over all the other folks out there.

Absolutely all crypto projects I’ve seen fail every time they talk only about their solution.


You see, nobody cares about your tech.


Not a single soul.

All users wanna know is what’s in it for them.

(The investment returns, what your tech does for them, an interesting narrative, etc.)

Now, there will be times when people will say how excited they are about you.

Which means…

They are actually excited about the possibilities this means for them.

Influencers will also support (if you engage the right way).

But don’t expect everybody jumping in joy every time they hear your name.

So what should you do instead?

I gave you some hints before, remember?

If you haven’t launched, start by talking about the problems users face.

Next, twist the knife in the wound and make the problem even bigger.

Once you have a good chunk of the audience listening, start introducing the solution.

And here’s the big catch.

You need to do it in a special way.

I’ll leave you a link down below if you want to reach out and both of us work on your personalized plan.

Here’s the short version though.

In the second step, talk about the solution without actually talking about yourself.

This has 2 benefits:


Your content stops being about you and actually becomes about the user.

Which means you’ll have far more attention, retweets, shares and viral reach.


You won’t be seen as a cheap whore.

Seriously, think about it.

A cheap whore would offer anything, for almost nothing.

So folks end up repelled by it.

Now a true lady would make candidates fight for her.

Hence, her value goes up.

And the attention she gets, too.

There’s also pimps:

Pimps shill about a project because they see it as a whore.

(A.K.A. make quick gains and dump even faster).

It happens pretty naturally.

When you talk about yourself and forget the user, pimps will be there to make out the most of you.

Which is even more dangerous.

So how do you prevent all of this?

When it comes to the third step, you must have positioned yourself as THE solution…

Because you’ve provided more than enough value and narrative way bigger than yourself.

For example:

If you’re a protocol, don’t talk about TVL or how cool your solutions are.

(A.K.A. sell yourself as a cheap whore).


Talk about the vision way above yourself.

Make the user part of the journey once he joins.

If you’re a DAO, talk about the collective benefit and how each member makes it special.

If you’re an NFT project, don’t sell your darn NFT.

Sell the story behind it.

And if you’re a whole ecosystem… well, forget the number of wallets, users, etc.

Speak vision.

How you’re actually changing the world.

This way, it will be easier for you get all the attention when you actually reach step #4.

(At the moment of launch, or when you want to boost that TVL).

That’s an overview.

Hit me up if you want the details.

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