Lesson #9: 

Use this 3-layer Matrix to drive your token value

The conversation was turning serious.

He looked worried and somewhat anxious at the same time.

So we can’t talk about our own token value to make it pump, don’t we?

I nodded.

“Yes, that’s correct”.

Some folks actually do, but they look like complete scammers and we don’t want that to happen.

After a short silence, he asked:

So how do we do it?

Before we move on…

Here’s a little context about why we were having this conversation with a protocol co-founder I can’t reveal for obvious reasons:

At that point, we already tweeted multiple times about our token functionality.

We were also completely transparent about tokenomics.

In fact, we even promoted dual rewards and asked some influencers to shill about us (which they gladly did).

Yet with all that done, our token value was staying pretty much flat.

So what the heck was going on?

I quickly shared my screen and started drawing.

If you want to boost your token value, there’s 3 things to have in mind.

Here’s the first:

I drew a circle and added the word “Economics” inside.

For the most part, this is where folks usually start.

The basics is your token supply should be lower than demand.

So make sure to design your vesting right and be transparent about it.

Yet you know where the actual problem is?

Most folks stop there.

I drew a new circle covering part of the first.

Inside I added the word “Utility”.

It’s easier to sell an idea when you can actually show your tokens are not completely useless.

If you explain how token value grows while more and more users are added, then the message will be much more powerful.

This way, you don’t have to actually “prove” your value.

It proves itself, don’t you think?

He started to smile and asked:

So we need to talk about the utility and how we do things around?

“Yes, but that’s just the beginning”.

We have one key element missing here.

I drew a third circle covering part of the first and the second.

Inside, I added the word “Narrative”.

This is what most people actually miss.

Remember when I gave you this example of how some tokens skyrocket in price with little tech?

Meanwhile, others stagnate for good.

The reason is because it’s not about how fast, good or cool you are.

In fact, all of that can be copied.

Yet your own stories, motto and ethos can’t.

Now think the worse example of all:


It has no utility at all.

It has horrible economics, too.

So why the heck it’s been consistently in the first top 10?



Here’s the reason why:

Dogecoin had a narrative powerful enough to reach the masses.

This is an extreme example, of course.

But it teaches a powerful lesson:

"People don't buy the product.

They buy the story they tell themselves about the product."

What does this actually mean?

When it comes to creating demand for a token, initial narrative gives stronger perception than the actual functionality.

That’s why Bitcoin is the new “Digital Gold”… and not just Bitcoin.

Anyway, how can you create your own storytelling?


All you need is the following elements:

- Heroes (a controversial leader usually helps)

- Bad guys you fight against (the villains/ system/ problem you actually solve)

- Stories (how you were born)

- Routines/ rituals (super important for community building)

- Values (why you exist)

- Etc.

Here’s the most important part:

The more you tell about WHY you exist, and who you fight against…

The less you need to be “selling” your tokens.

At the same time, your tribe will become a movement, too.

In fact:

A strong narrative is also the main reason why people hold tokens even in bearish times.

Meanwhile, most projects suffer constant pumps and dumps.

And that’s the reason why “HODL”, “WAGMI” and “to the moon” are the most popular terms in crypto.

Hodl no matter what, remember?


Tell how you change the world and sell that story.

Add it to the 3-layer Matrix I just showed you and you’ll get the perfect storm for unstoppable token growth.

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