Would you like me to personally hand you the ultimate crypto growth blueprint?

(and bring you insane amounts of TVL as a result)

Dear friend:

If you want to exponentially boost your crypto growth in the fastest time possible, you’re in the right place.

Here’s why:

I am looking for the dream client who I can help to absolutely crush it in the crypto space.

If you are that client, this means me personally helping YOU to speed up your growth.

Here’s how it works.

The first thing I am going to do for you is to personally create an implementation plan.

There’s no charge for that and it will take us roughly 60-75 minutes.

After doing it multiple times, you kinda get good at giving clarity of action and that’s what I’ll give you in the first place.

This means you get exactly what needs to be done in the form of a TVL boosting checklist and easy to follow implementation plan.

From there, things may go two ways.

Option #1. Once you get this clarity, you may decide to implement it on your own.

If that is so, I will be absolutely thrilled to have given you my knowledge and will look forward to hear some exciting news from you.

Option #2. You may not only love this plan, but also require my help to make it reality.

In that second case, you’ll have me on your side personally helping you put it all together. 

Here’s the reason why I am doing this.

Actually, there’s two.

The first reason is because I absolutely LOVE what I do.

I enjoy it that much, I am certain I’ll do it for the rest of my life.

It’s my mission to help bold entrepreneurs like you keep moving the world.

I am certain you’ve got something really special, and I am here to help you make this crazy dream grow into reality (sounds cliche, I know- but that’s how I really feel).

The second reason is because I want to further improve my system.

This way, I can serve even more folks and boost their businesses day by day.

Now the bad news.

Since I am on this mission, I’m also investing my personal time.

Which means, I can’t physically take too many clients.

Hence, I am looking for that “perfect fit”.

That’s also the reason why I’ll be personally doing this step-by-step growth plan for you…

For free.

Only then, I’ll let you pay me to help you put it into action.

…IF you decide to.

(From previous experience, folks actually go crazy about it, but let's not jump ahead).

So here’s what you need to do.

Below are a couple of questions to get to know if we’re the right fit.

You’ll find these questions somewhat personal… and it’s because this is a personal call.

Please provide as much detail as possible when you fill out this form.

Your information is 100% safe, and I never, NEVER share any personal data or project details. 

Once you do, it will help me understand your needs even before we connect.

This also allows us both to make the very most of our time together.

Expect news from me in the 48 hours after submitting the form.

Denis Balitskiy. All rights reserved.